Friday, March 7, 2014

Antique Japanese gold screen

Over the mantel of the dining room fireplace, I have a golden tone Japanese hand painted vintage screen. My father-in-law is Japanese, born in Brazil, and even though in my in-laws home very little of Japanese traditions, mementos or decor items are present, Mr. Y and I respect and try to incorporate our cultures into our homes.

If my kitchen were a big bigger, I would install a big screen like this one:

Picture source: unknown, google images.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Wishing for a blue and white spring

Missing the light and tiles of my birth homeland: Portugal.
In the meantime, a bathroom filled with blue and white tiles:


Traditional Bathroom by Anouska Hempel Design in Wiltshire, England, AD.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mid-Week cravings: spring shoes

Being in colder surroundings means controllable bloating, but the shoes are what I call "mom-shoes": plain, comfortable shoes.
Wishing for Spring to come soon, and the opportunity to wear sandals and proper fashionista shoes!
Hey, the stroller helps with the 4 inch balancing act!

Photo source: my Dressing room board in Pinterest.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Before & After: the dining room semi reveal!

Finishing the roman shades for the dining room felt like a big weight was lifted from my shoulders!
Last weekend I had my baby shower, and I felt bad with those ….."nice" paper shades.
Well, goodbye paper shades, hello gorgeous roman shades!

The current state (not totally the after, as a lot is still left to do/buy):

Fabric: Sharon Kessler, Pheasants Cotton fabric, for Concord Fabrics
Wallpaper used under the chair rail: Thibaut 

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Before and After: Blue and white…. and some color blast

I have been, during the last couple of weeks, in hardcore nesting mode.
I can go in labor any minute, and every minute counts to finish my huge list of to-do's around the house!

When I came back from Brazil I found the house covered in a thin layer of dust due to the renovation work done in the family room and basement, until recently…
With the dust cleaning done, I went on a finishing decor tasks galore: dining room roman shades, nursery roman shade and chair pillows, entry hall and family furniture changes and new layout, new curtains for the master bedroom, and the list goes on…

The piece that has inspired my family room decor is a nice American Heritage chest of drawers that I bought two years ago from Craigslist. It needed a lot of TLC, and a new color.
Inspired by the fabric of the bench makeover, I took a sample of the fabric and had Benjamin Moore's folks to do a custom blue color.
And the rest is a blue and white color history….

The before:

The after sanding process:

 And it's reveal as the junk/toys guardian in the family room:

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Before & After: Snowstorm output: a bench cover

I'm still happy that we have just returned to Baltimore from Sao Paulo. With the soaring temperatures behind, all the cold and snow is a very welcome blessing! Don't think I am crazy! Just imagine having to endure temperatures over 100F everyday, with very limited AC, 8 months pregnant… Not something I would wish to my worst enemy, if I had one!
Returning home with an almost 3 years old has it's disadvantages: everything is new to him, and a danger is at every corner of the house, plus he drags food all over, playing with the dog.
We did plenty of changes and renovations (again!) during this last year. Some furniture arrangements were made, and I just realized that my house is not prepared for a very energetic toddler, plus a baby.
Today was the perfect day to put in action some plans I had put in the back burner for a while: do a slipcover.
This past weekend I stopped by my favorite Goodwill to drop off some donations, and with a 20% off coupon in hand I got a few "necessary" items, such as $2.25 Threshold fretwork border window panel. Immediately I knew what I wanted to do with it: a cover for our bench being used as coffee table in our family room. The colors, tan and coral, were a perfect match for the new white walls.
In just a couple of hours, and with the help of the amazing Miss Mustard Seed video tutorials in how to make a slipcover, I just got a "protection" for sticky dirty hands and feet!

The curtain panel fabric:



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Target Threshold fretwork border window panel, bought at Goodwill for $2.25
Bench, from HomeGoods